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When misinformation and false news seem as staple as the bread we eat, the need for a credible source of info to step up becomes crucial more than ever.    Frugal Gurru offers in-depth, practical tips and guides on how you can keep, and grow, your penny while you still have one to your name. Our goal is to bust some myths that plague the investment and finance industry based on cold-hard data and empirical facts. (If you are someone who thinks investing in common stock can continue to win the stock market, then you’re in for a treat!)  

What does it mean to roll the RRs in Guru?

R stands for reliability, and it’s at the heart of what we do. We love writing and sharing our collective knowledge and experiences in finance, as it also motivates us to learn new things along the way. Research-driven to ensure we remain a trusted source of transparency and fairness in the ever-volatile landscape of the marketplace. Relish in every cent of wisdom you gain with every article you read.

It’s more than the extra R that separates us from other “financial gurus.” We’re committed to delivering the latest news and updates that allow you to live a productive life, save money, and improve your overall economic well-being. Providing you with interactive forums and resources, so you can solve any financial problems you may face and help you realize your financial dreams!

Learning is the greatest investment you can make. Discover the treasures that lie ahead as you join the community of Frugal Gurrus today.