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Beware of the Work from Home stocks

To counter the outbreak, a large number of companies have resorted to the policy of work from home. To ensure the safety of their employees from infection.

A specific place to work from home

You should choose a place that helps you work from home, provided that it is comfortable. And this is because you will spend the number of your working hours continuously. It is better to sit on a chair and behind a comfortable desk. In a room closed from the rest of the house to focus on work and not be distracted. Communicating with the work team. One of the good things to finish the work entrusted to you is to communicate with the work team of managers and colleagues via the Internet. This helps you to turn to them when there is a difficulty in your work, which increases your motivation to work better.

A specific daily routine

You have to follow a daily routine before performing work. The morning routine before work motivates you to complete tasks well. And this is by following the same habits that you were doing before you went to work. Such as breakfast and drinking a cup of coffee. It is good to change home clothes and replace them with clothes Exit.

Stay away from the causes of dispersion is a dispersion, anxiety, and tension of problems facing those who work remotely. And that you care to work in a quiet place in the house away from the causes of distractions such as TV as you can close the notifications on your mobile phone until you finish the work.

However, the liberalization of justice shares has caused fraudsters to enter the arena. And cause trouble to shareholders by deceiving those involved in justice shares.

One of the challenges of transferring justice stocks is the abuse of some people by registering and transferring justice stocks who try to buy them for less value.

Scams can occur by creating fraudulent systems.

The shifting of justice stocks, like other cases in which such things happen in society, can lead to inflammation in cybercrime and make mistakes.

It is recommended that people refer to the relevant systems for work related to their justice shares. And do not enter any portal in cyberspace.

Scammers with infected links lead people to fraudulent payment gateways and ask abused people to pay money. If they do not need to pay for justice shares and this way they gain access to people’s bank account information for further misuse. continue.

Sometimes profiteers make telephone calls to citizens. They introduce themselves as representatives of the Justice Shares Organization or other official and governmental centers.

The stock of justice is valuable but more valuable is the protection of information and the protection of assets against fraudsters.